Using pills for penis extension is highly unsafe and actually doesn’t have any guaranteed gains. This means that when you use pills you’ll not only be setting yourself up for failure but even more harm as well. That said, the following penile extension devices can help you achieve impressive results in only a few months.

Top Pick: The Quick Extender Pro

This is our top-pick when it comes to the best penile extension devices currently on the market. It’s the go-to option for many men and has been delivering effective results to users for many years now. The Quick Extender Pro penile extension device features an easy usability alongside optimal comfort. You can wear this device in the privacy of your home as you rest comfortably on your couch.

The device uses a Double Strap Support system to ensure that your penis is uniformly stretched along the shaft. That’s not all because the DSS system also provides maximum tension along the tip of your penis while holding it appropriately in place. As a result, you get increased levels of comfort as the device works accordingly on your penis. What’s more, the Quick Extender Pro also features the strongest spring tension of 4000g.

With such power, this device can offer you fast and permanent gains in your penis enlargement quest. And if that’s not enough, this device also corrects penile curvature if it’s been troubling you. So not only can you increase your gains with this device but it also ensures that your penis is in great health. No more hiding in shame or feeling indifferent from the rest with the Quick Extender Pro penile extension device.

It doesn’t matter how mild or severe the penile curvature situation might be, this device can correct the problem comfortably and safely too. Being voted as a top-rated penile traction device, the Quick Extender Pro delivers unbeatable comfort, value, and results in your penile extension journey.

Phallosan Forte

While this device offers a similar mechanism like the first option, this works a bit different. The Phallosan Forte is then only mechanical penis extension device that features a vacuum protector system. This means that you can wear the device at any time and any location that you may be in. Also, the device is clinically tested and proven to work according to its claims. Therefore, using the Phallosan Forte is a step towards ensuring you are enlarging your penis the right way.

It acts effectively and gently to deliver the best results and there are no side effects to experience when you use this device. This is considering you strictly adhere to all the instructions indicated for using this device. As mentioned earlier, Phallosan Forte features a vacuum protector system as one of its many features. Not only does this feature offer your penis protection but it also stays invisible from the outside. Hence, you can seamlessly go about your daily business while the Phallosan Forte delivers the best results in disguise.

That’s not all, you can even wear this device throughout the night without experiencing any problems. This is made possible by the protector cap, which is made using an ultra-soft silicone perfect for offering you a comfortable experience. Lastly, the Phallosan Forte penile traction device is safe for everyone. And if you have allergen sensitivity, you don’t have to worry about using this device because it’s made of allergen-free materials.


SizeGenetics is an FDA cleared medical device guaranteed to offer you nothing but the best results when it comes to enlarging your penis. This device comes with a 16-way ultimate comfort system that makes the whole process seamlessly comforting. The spring tension on SizeGenetics includes 2800g, which is both smooth and appropriately strong as well.

Not only has this device undergone testing and certification, but the SizeGenetics penile extension device is also made using the MDA technology. The MDA technology means Multi Directional Angling technology that allows anyone who uses this device to wear it in any angle that they choose. As a result, SizeGenetics delivers a comfortable and convenient experience each time you decide to use the device.

Also, don’t let the lightweight nature of this device fool you because it’s made of highly durable material for extended service. If you want to achieve maximum length and girth in your penile extension process, consider this device as one of the best male enhancement stretchers as well. The technology behind SizeGenetics has been in existence for almost two decades now and continues to advance with time.

This means that using this device for your penile enlargement guarantees you of safe, effective, painless, and permanent gains. Therefore, look no further than this device if you are trying to get that bedroom confidence and groove to always satisfy your partner. The good news is that you are safeguarded against any health risks when you use these penile extension devices as opposed to other forms on the market.

If you are looking for the best male enhancement stretcher, then you are in the right place. When you use an extension device to enlarge or extend your penis, you are actually employing a natural and safe way to grow your penis.

When the device stretches out your penis, it creates gaps in between the penis tissue. This happens along the penis shaft. Afterward, your penis will start healing naturally through a process called mitosis.

The process consists of tissues regenerating and filling the gaps left by the tears made by the penile extension device. Fortunately, the whole process is painless and safe, which makes it even more worth it than using pills.